To show more detail from the previous post, I would say: Anyone who knows me, knows how I love to be kind, friendly and often jovial to all and sundry. I especially like to be a friend first and hope there’s plenty of time to work out who the people are in good time. I take my own pace to do that. Sometimes unfortunately it only takes seconds, sometimes months or even years of trying. I can gather insight until the cows come home of how they are with little ol’ me and how kind or unkind they are with others (human or otherwise). In the end I like to see if truthfully friendly. There’s the question of whether their foibles are tolerable or not, if they are honest or back stabber, decent or manipulative.. All in an attempt to work out if they are keepers to cherish. I prefer to do all this without using preconceived perceptions. To me, I think there are no enemies, just those that are best avoided, like an unfurling, coiled adder and thus given a respectful, wide berth to let them get on with it at a safe distance.

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So talking of adder, anyone who knows me, also knows how I hate maths with a passion! Only recently I actually worked out how my aversion started. What has took me so long? Seriously, what? For as a little kid and really ill, whilst suffering with such physical and mental tiredness from a typical childhood illness (chickenpox I think as I also recall itchiness and pain), an older sibling was given the task of teach me maths. They wouldn’t let me rest and kept playing cruel tricks that I recall now as something to the effect that things like forty five degrees is a quarter or 8 + 3 = 10… My head hurt so much… I still get anxiety with maths, but can do it now for sure.

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Actually, moving not so swiftly on and to divert this unhelpful Negative train of though, I’m going to make fun and light of a similar current situation. Someone at work has been devious and manipulative, telling lies and putting me in an awkward position. Sure, they’ve been ill and still look dreadful, so maybe this is having an influence on their mental state, maybe? Still, you can only go so far with the benefit of the doubt, before you have to put a stop to it.

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Anyways, to make light of it all, I’m going to use loadsa Maths words to Summerize: I am a Leading Coefficient. Therefore, I don’t want the Null Set‘s Mean Variables to effect my Mode. So, looking at all the Angles, the afterMath shall just Mean I will Subtract myself from their < Strict Inequality > in a Discrete manner and I will say No! a lot more. Oh and

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“More tea vicar? as I do have Pi and a Hy~pot~en~use” and

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be kind to those of us who are scared of Negative numbers as we stop at Nothing to avoid them! “Boom Boom!”

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