Bake Love

Sorry to all those expecting great things from me during this 2021 Great Bloggers Bake Off Festival of Love. For I was called into work yesterday on my day off, when THEN was my intention to bake. So, all I can do is give you this minuscule participation: I’ve tried two styles of cooking of Richmond Meat Free fresh sausages A) Baked in the oven. B) Fried in a frying pan. Conclusion: The baked ones cooked a little dry, but the fried in the pan were nicer, because they became a little golden brown. Both are as good as a Festival of Love, as they’re vegan and that means something. Knowing that people are making more effort, even those who are traditional, this is a heartwarming Festival of Love sweet Love.

Photo by Shamia Casiano on

It’s still time to take part during this weekend, but sorry, for I just haven’t got the oomph.

7 thoughts on “Bake Love

    1. If the oven is already on, bake. If the oven ain’t and it takes a while to heat, fry. If the ooomph is huge, it won’t go in the oven without a fight and you just have to eat it raw.

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