Rainbows need both sun and rain, water and light, just as plants do and we need both nutrients with a sprinkling of pleasure. Balance in all things! So it is with food, as it isn’t just elemental, it’s pleasure in the sight, the smell and the taste, but needs counteracting with action to use the energy stored in it. I love a bit of balance (the alternative is falling) and life’s many combinations, personified in the virtuosity of rainbows.

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This morning, I learnt the most easy most pleasurable way, that if you dip enough chocolate chip cookies into a black coffee, it becomes a mocha. Now there’s insight for a cosy Saturday morning. Just one cup of such yummy happy is enough though, as any more and it becomes commonplace and might make me go off it and become just dull nutrients. Anyways, there’s time later for a wee spot of gardening ‘safter me thinks. I can burn off these glorious, delish calories “yum, nom” that I will never, never ever start counting!

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

Yes, balance is the key and you always have to remember that the crazy cat might be watching!

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