Only t’other day on my way home from work, when I was overtaking a car, behind me appeared an impatient young lad in a posh car, driving like a loon and there what seemed like all of a sudden, then sticking far too close to my back bumper! He honestly drove up so fast and obviously wanted to go much faster than I was going at the speed limit. I finished overtaking at as close to the speed limit as pos’, then carefully pulled in to let him go with all his loud revs. The lass in the passenger seat swore out the window at me. Thing is, I wonder if he was high as a kite and/or wanting to impress the lass in the passenger seat who might also have been on sommat?

Anyways, he created his own instant karma. For he waited for me at the next junction and threw his full mug of Starbucks out his window towards my old banger. However, the wind took the contents right back at him and his immaculate shiny car. I laughed so hard and I don’t think he liked me, perhaps actually hated me, but another thing is Suis-je bovvered? Non, je ne suis pas bovvered! Thankfully also, the other traffic allowed me to go peacefully on my merry way.

Impatience really doesn’t pay, but will the lad have learnt that? In any case, recalling the instant karma still gives me such a smirky smile, innit though.

Photo by Sourav Mishra on Pexels.com

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