I was reading a tip to making cakes look nice, but I thought to myself “Wait, what?” ~ “What the feck is vegetable shortening?” So, being a modern person (not) I look it up on t’Internet. Basically it’s TREX or Cookeen (vegetable fat that looks like lard, but thankfully ain’t made of disgusting melted down animal parts). So there we have it. We all learn sommat every day. So instead of shortening my vocabulary, I lengthened it a little with “Shortening”. I have acquired the necessary (or not so much) information, that vegetable shortening is a great way to achieve a naturally silky look on baking. It cuts out the need for tons of additional coats of frosting. “What, wait, frosting now is it?” So, here’s another thing: Frosting = Icing (UK). I think I’ve realised now, it’s an american who has writ’ the blog post. That makes perfect sense.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on

Oh how wonderful it would be to produce a good vegan Yorkshire pudding to an american and say “Pudding?” {{{giggles}}} Oh us “Brits” are a funny bunch. However, some think that we all live in “England”. Well anyways, there’s that too. I can understand it, as the UK really is so little compared to America, so it really ain’t that surprising to think it and that we all speak proper english, like what I do, inni’ like as much. {{{GIGGLES}}}

Photo by Elina Sazonova on

Talking of maps, I’m sorting out a walkable map over some beautiful paths, ending in a simple picnic on a bench and a slice of lovely cake. Just a few miles is a short walk really. Mostly under the shade of trees, near a small river… I think it has the potential to be reet champion.

Photo by Diego Madrigal on

As for “Welsh Cakes” that is another thing (I really do not like ’em Mr Mainwaring I really do not like ’em!). They’re a bit like taking a fluffy scone and squishing it flat. No strawberries, no dairy free Elmlea (oh yes that is a thing now and it is well lush).

Oh and you know when it says let the cake cool before decorating? Well it actually means COLD otherwise it will end up as soggy as a pudding. However, yes, you can fill a sunken cake with a creamy pudding to level it out and give the birthday boy a spoon (as was one of my son’s birthday cakes when he was little).

Photo by Cup of Couple on

Cake is cake, so let them me eat it!

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