You have to {{{giggle}}} at some welsh nicknames, but we can all understand most of why, right? I mean with all the people of the same name, you’d have to have something to distinguish between who is who. FFS how many people do I know with the surname [……….]!?!! I deleted the surname to protect their identity {{{GIGGLING}}}. Okay sure, so there’s the city of David just down road, so that might have had an influence. Seriously though, there’s also so many blokes hereabout called Dai. Okay they might actually be [David] on their birth cert or [Dafydd] even, but in Wales you don’t hear that many actually called “David”. Plus, I can’t recall anyone saying “Dave” or “Davie” as in Jones’ Locker though, for that’s sort of not very welsh sounding either. Oh, but Pete Bell made me (((giggle)) as he recalls a work mate called “Mexican Dave”, who had the unfortunate tic, that lifts both arms above his head. So anyways, to distinguish between all the Davids, I can see it makes sense to identify each Dai by what they do: Dai Chip, Dai Paint, Dai Train, Dai the Plumb, Dai the Post, Dai Carrot, Dai Pilot… Dai Logs (might be for very different reason), and I’ve heard of a shorty with a long beard known as Dai Jesus, but as for “Dai Up an’ Down” the poor bug’ with one leg shorter than t’other! Anyways, you know what though, I bet you out there sings a fair few Dai Jones too. However, even though I live in Wales, I actually don’t know of anyone with the surname Jones, not a Mrs Jones or a Mr or a Miss. Perhaps it’s a north Wales surname, is it?

Let’s talk cats for a second though (unless I get loads [Follow] me for the C word and I surely don’t want that). For I get why they’d be named “Fluffy” and even “18 months” after having lost part of an ear or “Scrappy Do do” for a feisty one that does it where and wherever it wants! However, my daughter once decided to name one of our cats Tiz. Well I said to her “If you think I’m going out each night, to stand under the street light and shout “Here Tiz” ~ “Here tiz”, you’ve got another bloody think coming mate!”!!

Photo by takenbytablo on Pexels.com

Well Mush (a Romany word meaning good friend), you’ve read thus far and I hope you enjoyed the read. As for me, I don’t currently have a nickname (that I’m aware of), unless you take into consideration a client at work calling me “My Dude”. That’s sort of counts as a nickname, maybe. I’ve been called a few things in my lifetime. I’ve enjoyed being called “Aunty” a fair few times and encouraged it. As for one thing, an alternative might be dire. Perhaps “Aunty” says how I might bake something forgivable and be willing to listen, but I don’t want to mother folk or go all sibling at them, but stay helpful at a safe mental distance. Do you have a nickname you’d be willing to share?

Something else to share at THE END of this blog post.

2 thoughts on “Davids

    1. So someone called you Goochie? Goochie? That is an unusual one and for the life of me I cannot understand why. For isn’t Goochie a handbag?
      Oh damn it, I typed a handbag πŸ‘œ and all I could hear from then on was Lady Bracknell.

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