Tree friends

I enjoyed a bit of time in the garden today. I did just a little bit of sorting, trimming by hand and clearing. Not that much really, but Blinkin’ Nora my deltoids and biceps say it was enough! Still, it has been a bright and cheerful day for it here in West Wales. The birds sang and one robin hopped about nearby to see what I had uncovered. What with the scent of lemon balm refreshing the air, as by eck it needed a hair cut. I also replanted a few things and pondered that over the years, I’ve planted on quite a few saplings into the countryside. Not as many as some wonderful folks, but a fair few. I’ve specifically planted some with individuals in mind. They’re placed so as to remember people I’ve met, but that our lives were only connected for a short while. One strong young sapling, is there growing on beautifully. This one is to remind me of a young fellow protestor against the UK Badger Cull. Each time I pass I think “Hello Dear G….t.” and smile. I love to think of them growing in stature.

Photo by Josh Hild on

As for camping out around here, I feel the season for that has passed. Maybe now the roads will be less full of holiday makers, what with their tent trailers and slow moving huge caravans. As for those who stay in caravans all year, I feel sad that the UK government feels at liberty to persecute them yet again. I’ve lived in a caravan on the Loons above Stromness for a while and loved the freedom of it, but I know it’s not an easy life. As for the Gypsy community, on average and according to statistics, their life is shorter than those living in solid housing and stability. This doesn’t surprise me in the least and so why does the government want to make it harder for them? It seems so narrow minded and almost wishing them harm. Why do they want to make a nomadic life damn near impossible? It’s not going to be for everyone, so live and let be. Anyways, here I’ve taken an image from Street View on Google Maps. A place travellers use and where I’ve also slept a fair few times myself. The sounds of nature all around, the cold fresh air and being able to see the bright stars.

Google Maps image.

I cherish my memories of the times I’ve camped out, but that I do love the comfort of making a home.

4 thoughts on “Tree friends

  1. I’m with you 100%. Those who have nothing and the government wants to make it even harder. I’m a traveler but never enjoyed camping all that much. I like my creature comforts like indoor plumbing. It won’t do for me to be homeless.


    1. Actually, you’d be doing it wrong then and old school. For myself and another mature protestor, we had a suitable tent with two little bedrooms and luxury, lightweight camp beds, roll out mattresses… and of course a stand up area just out of the sleeping part to comfortably put on our walking boots. Not like the old days of finding you’ve been sleeping on a rock, on a footpath between two houses in Fort William!!! Still, it makes you get up early enough to see the 🐑 salmon jumping 🐑 on the loch, before breakfast and the 🦟🦟🦟 midges wake!!! 🦟🦟🦟


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