If only I had put an E instead of an A in the heading! For then we’d be all “Yay for summery stuff!” but no the cold hard wintery facts: summed up on the three things I currently hate the most: Unnecessary flights, Maths and Covid. So hold on to your hats!

  1. On an average commercial flight there’re 138 seats, 3 flight attendants and 2 pilots, that adds up to 142 people on board.
  2. Over the last week there’s been 1,009 covid related deaths recorded in the UK and 982 coronavirus patients in hospital beds with a mechanical ventilator.
  3. I work that out as around the equivalent of 7 plane crashes with no survivors and 6 flying around with very little fuel left.

That’s it and thank you very much, but I’d prefer to be floating up the creek with a paddle!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Addendum: Breathe

2 thoughts on “Summary

    1. [sigh] I see it too. I see it all too often and wonder about the mentality of it all. I think it is ignorance and selfishness rolled into one. I saw two minibuses go past me yesterday, and all of the young people were using the mask as a chin strap. What the F….ing point is that? The masks are there to protect others from the breath of the wearer. It doesn’t actually do much (a bit) for the one wearing it. So basically anyone actually in that minibus wearing one is almost wasting their time. Yet I’d still do it, because that is who I am. 😷 I’d wear one and as prescribed by science, change it for a clean one at least every 4 hours. 🀧


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