No hen

A few years ago, when I was hitchhiking, I got a lift from a lorry that diverted to pick up the cargo.  It was a shock to the system.  For in came a lorry full to the brim with hens and a short while later we left with them in cold storage in the back.  I didn’t at the time realise the full extent of the horrors, but do now.  Thankfully I do not pay into the slaughter and eating of these beautiful sentient beings.  I do not buy into the disgusting way many the workers are treated or how they treat the sentient beings prior to and during slaughter.  Our exbatt chickens are still well happy, fat hens and are enjoying a long chickens life.  They scrabble about in the soil, they bathe in sand, they nest and have a pecking order to it all. 

Talking of fat hens, there’s a plant called Fat Hen (Chenopodium album).  It is like spinach and was eaten in Britain more so before spinach came along.  It has more goodness in it than spinach, with more protein, vitamin B, iron, calcium…  Weeding takes on a whole new outlook when you know what your actually looking at.


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2 thoughts on “No hen

    1. You’d have to take up some of the patio and get HLad on working out the proportions needed etc. However, I do recommend buying a hutch. You’re too tired to be building one (no going to A&E for BABASP). Oh wait, maybe you could use the patio slabs to make a path of sorts out front, for the Captain to run his little nails short upon.


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