Yum plings

Totally just wanted some dumplings for breakfast. Wanted hot, quick food, whether it was healthy sounding or not. So I made some yumplings and ate ’em., an’ why not indeed?  How?  I chopped up an onion (didn’t cry), fried it using some vegetable oil, in a small saucepan.  Put the onions in a cup to one side.  Added some water to the empty pan and while that was coming to the boil, I mixed up some dumpling batter in another big cup Spoonfuls of self raising flour, veggie suet, one green oxo and some pepper, then a little bit of water (just enough to make it a thick batter).  Plopped the three spoonfuls of batter in the rolling boil, turned the heat down and put the lid on.  Made a cuppa.  Once the yummys looked cooked, I turned the cooker off and added some veggie instant gravy granules, with a few sploshes of soy sauce and the fried onions mixed in. Turned out the yumplings, the quick, easy, made and eaten in a flash and without gettin’ hands dirty. 

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels.com

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