Just like yourself, I’m called by an official name. It’s the one I place on important, formal documents. Yet I’m also called all sorts of names and labels, and been called all sorts of names and labels now and over the years. Some names are good enough to keep. Some I could easily take as an x insult and they’re thrown out, ignored and/or responded to negatively. Of course I’ve chosen some names myself and rejected others, many others! I’ve been good though, I’ve kept to some resemblance of rules I’ve been given, but asked some titles to be changed or poorly chosen (sometimes stupid) nicknames to be discarded. The long and the short of it all, having requested worksites to say the whole caboodle and friends to shorten things in kind. I have been known to insist on a prefix or just the prefix to keep the peace. I’ve never asked anyone to add the letters after my name, but sometimes I’ve signed in with them. Names and pseudonyms e.g. “Over Soil” I’ve had a few, did all that, bit off more than I could chew and it’s all been so amusing!!! Yet, who am I, what is my identity when I close my eyes and take a deep cleansing breath?

I am not this or that or t’other thing or name, but just the loving breath from the Earth and all upon, that breathes in. Then as I breathe out again, to pour love back towards the beautiful Earth and all once upon this time.

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