2 bob bit

I watched the original “Darling buds… ” and it worked as a piece of 50’s fiction “Perfickly”. The actors already had sparks of what they needed for the characters. The headliners bobbed along together and I could tolerate the storylines, maybe because of the welcoming home. It was of the time. It all pointed to the main deal, that family and friends are the most important aspects of life. It’s brilliant that their hub of family dynamics were strong (unlike in a lot of real life). Ma was expertly played by the lovely Pam Ferris all jolly, hospitable and firmly supportive. Pa the wheeler-dealer by David Jason, who’s character was ready to do whatever he could to earn a bob or two or more, to support his lot to the max.

It was okay as a one off. Even a repeat could be tolerated.

However, in this day and age of more and more of us becoming enlightened to nature, do we really want to hark back to blood sport and hunting? As for the young teen being given the keys to a truck? WTF?!?!?! This copy just doesn’t do it for me. In the rehash, it seems to be highlighting all the horrible bits of the backstory. Sorry Bradley Walsh, you’re great, but you’ve taken on the lead role of a lemon and you’re doing it like an understudy, a stand-in for the stars. So “No” and I am, I really am sorry, but even though I have said a load off of my mind just now, perhaps I could’ve just said “Least said soonest mended” let’s not tune into this again.

The original, old bobbing along in the 50’s was enough and I’m really sorry mate, but this number two sinks.

Photo by Sami Anas on Pexels.com

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