Went to work in the dark. Got back home with just a short while before the dark came back. Autumn is upon us here in West Wales. This last bit of light to semi dark, was just enough time to pick up some slabs that needed to be moved. One was on edge and when I picked it up I found some little blue body snails. These are called garlic snails Oxychilus alliarius.

Talkin’ of shells (the snails shells were brown by the way), there’s a place not too far from here, where cockle shells are washed up in a little cove. Every now and then I pop down to get a few bags of them, to crush up for the hennies. Anyways, more recently I’ve seen someone use a load of cockle shells under their pots, within a cold frame. As cockle shells are white, they sort of reflect sunshine for the plants in the cold frame and being under, they also help keep the pots well drained.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

Well, nowt much else to say, as things unmentionable of the day have passed. I’m quite drained now, but it’s not been wretched. Not every day has to have all the bells and whistles.

9 thoughts on “Shells

  1. So that’s a “cockle shell”. I never thought about it before.

    For perspective, it was just last year that I realized “curds and whey” is “cottage cheese” over here.


      1. That sounds FAR better! Whey has the protein but I don’t process it well.

        Cottage cheese here is almost all labeled “small curd”. I think I’d like it better if I could try large curd!


      2. Challenge accepted on the question as to what was wrong with Miss Muffet.
        Firstly, she was considered vertically challenged. She sat on a small mound of grass cuttings, without taking into account that it could be a habitat for small creatures. She ate cottage cheese, during the times that milk wasn’t pasteurised. πŸ₯› She seems to suffer from arachnophobia. πŸ•·
        Did I cover all the angles?


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