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I’ve taken this off of being FEATURED because it might not be so true, I might or I might not blog this way or that, that way or this. Here’s what I wrote in October:

Heads up: From now 27th October 2021 on, I will limit my blogging to once a week. For there’s logs to chop and cats to entertain and of course there’s also work and clothes to wash and painting and walking and plates to wash up… My little home is important, the real world and the Earth is important and I know how the virtual world pulls at us and pulls us in and let’s us ask search engines stuff, that ultimately in the long run tells the big guys how to make money from us. So, come on, admit it, that on a cold day, you cannot beat an open log fire for the heat it gives out. The image below is my actual caveman telly, with little feet and kitty warming up in front of it. So Beloved, expect fewer blog post and get out of the online world to take back a bit of what it is to be human.

Caveman telly

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