World Kindness

Wow, I’ve dug out an old photo of a friends front door step, where I chalked to celebrate World Kindness Day (celebrating again today).

Happy World Kindness Day

I also did a bit of chalking at a bus stop too.

Happy Kindness Day

Of course it’s not all about chalk and words, for actions of kindness is a winner and care for others and ourselves is champion any day.

Photo by Thirdman on

Sometimes the big ideals want to change the world big time, but in reality it is the little acts of care for each other that really changes everything. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to take kindness for granted. Kindness is so precious. I cherish being able to give and receive each and every scrap of it. For the world of humans is riddled with flaws and unkindness, that only gentle acts of kindness can help balance the scales. Sometimes, someone might show you what to do and perhaps you feel it’s not what you want, it’s not you at your best, but until there can be found a better solution, do it. For doing the best we can to build kindness, will built bit by bit that wall of strength around our very beings. From there we will together see the beauty of a peaceful life.

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