Roast Cauli

Today I had a day at home and played with nail varnish on bamboo sticks. They look amazing now as Saidi dance sticks, as just the right length from the floor to the waist, just the right amount of colour and sparkle… Not much else got done and the house began to stink of the varnish. Oh wait, this was just going to be a quick post to say how delish my recipe for roast cauliflower (I was given in a bag of goodies from the FareShare) turned out. So, basic stuff is the cauli was cooked whole, the stuff I plastered it with was a mix of: Peanut butter (mine was the type that hasn’t anything but peanuts in), Sugar (unlike others who use maple syrup, for I ain’t got none), Chilli powder, Maggi Seasoning (I know it has the naughty MSG in it) and once plastered it got roasted in a little Trex. Ten minutes in, I surrounded the cauli with a spud diced small, spring onions and ten mins later after that I sprinkled the spud with yeast flakes and churned the spuds around. Oh and I cut the green bits off of the outer leaves and shredded it, boiled for a few minutes and it all ended up a yum yum in my tum! The cauliflower was spicy hot. The spud was cheesy onion. The shredded leaves nice and plain. With a few biscuits for pudding, it’s gonna be an early to beddy byes tonight, for another early start tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Roast Cauli

    1. It was soooo easy and tasty. Also you might like to try slices of aubergine 🍆 salted, then rinsed well and then dip dusted in flour seasoned with pepper & caraway seeds, then and fried in a little olive oil. I so want to be able to grow them successfully one day.

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