Winter Solstice

Yes, it is a dark day and yet here comes the Sun peering gently in a subtle shade of grey through my window (that or the pane needs cleaning). In fact the darkest and shortest of days in the Northern Hemisphere. The night is holding on as I type this, but as today finishes, it marks the moment that days will grow and the sun will shine longer on this little part of the Earth. Not for all though, some will end their days today and for them they’ve seen perhaps a different light that’s calling them onward. I for one will rage against the dying of the light. Still, on this little mortal plane I will hopefully and thankfully notice all positive things, like the buds on the bulbs as they emerge quicker and life on Earth in the UK will spring forward. Today I can type this and you can read it or have it read to you, so there’s that as I hope it isn’t my end day or my loved ones or close friends… or yourn either. It is the day to look ahead, to wish for positive things to happen. For folks to come forward to help each other during the pandemic and perhaps carry this altruism forward to make a better world for all sentient beings.

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The solstice combines the Latin words sol for “Sun” and sistere for “Stand Still”. Ancient astronomers marked this day when the Sun appeared to stand still. Many peoples wondered if their gods/goddesses of the Sun needed to be encouraged to return at this point. What if anything will you do to mark this day?

4 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. I noticed the full moon this morning at 4 a.m. It’s cold and crisp here in Stuttgart, Germany on our last day here and on to another city and another hotel. Celebrating isn’t an option except in my heart. I long for more light but not scorching heat. I find this time of year incredibly beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful Winter Solstice.


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