Wax lyrical

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So, my wonderfully talented, crafty son is going to use a red crayon to seal an envelope that he wishes to put something into.  Well, there’s that then.  So, on my usual tangent of thought, I want to remind you that everyone has something they’re good at and you do too and if it isn’t one thing, it’s an’other.  Plus, our combined minds are something, surely kindness of thought must have some bearing and if we could stick it all together it would be awesome!  

Well, now lets talk of a few practical things I think I’m good at.  One is that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to painting and decorating, just a tad.  So trust me when I say I’ve got experience (good and hilariously bad) and that why I advise you to follow the instructions on packets!  I blinkin’ well mean it!!  Because not only for health and safety (or if you feeling festive “Elf & Safety”) but believe it or not, lumpy wallpaper paste or thin gloop will not work at keeping wallpaper up.  Wallpaper paste needs to be done exactly how it says in the details.  You need to have all the things you need ready before you start making it.  So if you’re only going to use part of the pack, then don’t roughly pour it in the water to measure it, but take my advice and measure it out properly BEFORE or it’s gonna be too thick or runny and useless.  I wonder how a red crayon for wax (that my son has asked for) will stand up to the challenge of sealing that envelope.

‘I’ve never seen the Icarus story as a lesson about the limitations of humans. I see it as a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive’ ~ Randall Munroe

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Personally if I need only a small part of a pack, I look at what is there written on the pack and do the maths and boy do I hate maths, but it’s important, so I do it.  I don’t say I’m good at maths and that’s why I’m not a G.P. due to the terrifying thought of putting a decimal point in the wrong place when measuring out medicine!  Moving swiftly on, if need be, I use a calculator.  Oh and if I take some out of the pack and leave some, I write how much is left using a permanent marker on the pack and seal it up properly.  As for a new packet, I’ve also been known to put all the flakes of dry paste out on a table and divide it up into equal amounts to how many pints and seal them up individually using clingfilm, then put the little packs I’m not going to use straight back in the bigger pack and writing all this on it.

Back into the tangent thoughts, and the little bits of left over paints I used a while back to do this:

Out of shot, there’s also purple flowers on the bottom step and a little bit of glitter nail varnish on them too. Of course it’s now well worn, as you can see. Still, there’s that then and now to greet the day and finding what that brings. Seems there’s a lot of grey out there in them there hills of West Wales, but needs must and therefore out I will go out into it.

Poem by Shirley Hawkins

You know what though? I’m first going to gird up my loins by reading t’other folks blog posts, drink some tea and eat cake, although never again will I partake of cake dripped upon by wax candles and spat on by Birthday wishes!!!

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