Feet a comply

Yesterday I kept up with my usual twelve year old inner self, but it knackered me a tad in the end.  In the job I currently do, I think it’s important to mix up the humour within the serious side, but you do have to know your audience.  For what humour works with one, does NOT always work with another and has the potential to upset the apple cart.  I mean I don’t walk on eggshells, but thankfully my inner adult knows how to read the room and act accordingly.  Yer have to use the little grey cells, but also be hot on yer toes!

adult alternative medicine care comfort
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The usual shift has lots of physicality and it’s pretty hard on yer feet, so it’s a toe brainer to have on comfortable shoes.  Yesterdays shift ended and I stayed on for my hours to end up going into double figures.  What with my body not being as young as it was (obviously because time and life flows forward), when I got home “My dogs were barking!” (cockney slang).  Sadly there was no foot rub, but at least I got a good soak in the bath, a little drinky and some sleep (even if it was on the settee where a little later I’m typing this from).

So anyways, today is a new day, a new year and that’s something.  So, best foot forward then, but I think the “First footing” in the New Year can wait.  I might go back to sleepy bye byes for a bit.

4 thoughts on “Feet a comply

  1. Happy New Year. I just finished putting lotion on my old dogs. Even after a nights sleep (what there was of it with all the noise) feet still barking. Going to give them a rest today too. Enjoy your first day of the new year.

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