Question today: Has life taut me enough or taunted me enough or taught me enough? Answers on a postcard perhaps. Life of course will subject us all to being taught easy and hard lessons. Most of us get through life, putting us all through great tension and either way to get us to this point perhaps with a hell of a lot of taunting of imagined better alternatives.

Anyways, talking of putting things through some tension, pasta dough needs plenty, plenty, plenty of tension in the form of stretching and folding, stretching and folding, stretching and folding… That’s what makes it nice and smooth to shape. There’s loads of vegan recipes out there as to how to make a nice vegan sauce and loads of jars or easy option stuff if not. As for dry pasta, it’s not so bad and is actually one of the earliest forms of fast food. In any case, when it gets to the point of cooking any pasta, a little salt in boiling water is called for and put a wooden spoon over the pan, that way the froth won’t boil over. Magic? Of course that pasta trick is, what more would you expect from the child of a self proclaimed witch.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels.com

Was it a statement of fact that Mother was a witch, or did she have a wicked sense of humour? We will never know. Mother did play to the crowd when it came to it though. Did I mention the use of the local factory shift change-over whistle? If me and my brother didn’t go to bed on time, she’d open the back door and pretend to call for her broomstick. The whistle would go and we’d be up those bloody stairs like a flash! As for tension, who knows what tension Mother had with us little angels and her life as it was. In any case, who knows the mind of any other? Yet again answers on a postcard perhaps.

As usual these days, this is a random, tangent filled blog post at a time of having a bit of time to untaut myself. As for the past, the factory has now gone, the grounds filled with housing and not much left to say it was ever there in the first place. Oh and I was saying yesterday of how there was this public lido when I was a kid to go to unwind. It was near the town’s cooling towers (probably having the water warmed by them), but that’s gone now too. I mean, something public that was free? In this day and age?

Photo by Markus Distelrath on Pexels.com

Now? It’s just lots of houses, oodles of houses, all over the place popped up like fungi of the villages of where I lived as a child. Miles of the surrounding area has been engulfed by the town’s housing from other parts of the countries cities. Yup, the whole area is still filling up and is pretty much just full of ticky tacky up in a jiffy houses and same ol’ same ol’ housing estates. Of course we all need a roof over our heads, but I’m a country bumpkin at heart and NEED to see open spaces (hence NEVER going back there to live in one of those boxes).

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

I’d prefer to live in an old run down, needs attention, nothing matches, eclectically filled home, than any posh cage of “Success”. I prefer to mix with gentle hearts who wear dusty boots, the raggedy crew, than custom suits. As I don’t mind failing in this bonkers world!!

Collage of little boxes on a hillside ~ Over Soil

I prefer love than success and a posh house, for that’s the magic penny.

2 thoughts on “Taut

  1. “Has life taut me enough or taunted me enough or taught me enough?” This is a perfect question and I’ve saved it. I think it’s done all 3. This was a perfect post for me to read right now. I appreciated every word. I just did a journey through what was and what is. They took out all the trees and put up skyscrapers. Hurts my heart to see it. I’m going to come by here more often.


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