We eat

Made some lovely breads yesterday. I say breads, because I started out attempting one loaf, but added loads of milled Omega Seed Mix from Aldi, a spoonful of dry basil and then the fresh yeast just went bonkers! The dough went mega big, thus making:

  • a sort of tiger loaf with a soy sauce and cracked black pepper glaze (having slices of that this morning, toasted with baked beans)
  • some tiny rolls with a soy sauce and a pinch of sugar glaze (snacked on while hot with Flora vegan butter)
  • six finger rolls to have with veggie sausages (going in the freezer for now) also with soy sauce and a pinch of sugar glaze
  • a little loaf with tomato puree and chilli glaze, ate that with soup for my supper
  • two smallish pizza pies (lunch and one for the freezer) using a jar of Dolmio sauce with yeast flakes mixed in and Lidl vegan grated Italian Style cheese on top

Here is some advice though, put a cheap non stick metal baking tray on the bottom of your oven as is, and never use it for anything, but to catch the crumbs and any sauce that falls. Not so hard as having to clean the bottom of an oven.

Feeling very grateful, for how fortunate are we all are here in the UK, that we can grow wheat for our breads. Oh how I love to see a field of wheat in summer, preferably with red poppies and blue cornflowers in the mix. That’s what bread is, summer sunshine saved in the form of flour, for these rainy drab days.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “We eat

    1. Forgot to also mention the weird chocolate cake I put in the oven as the bread was doing. I added a whole pot of glacΓ© cherries I chopped up. Really sticky bottom and a shiny top. Some of that went in the freezer too. Baking is so comforting.


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