There’s a butternut squash sitting in my pantry all sad and alone on the top basket of the veg rack. So, after watching Laura Miller on Raw Vegan Not Gross there’s a strong feeling it’s gonna soon be time to get that pumpkin Mother cooked! See, I’ve been watching the programme Raw Vegan Not Gross on IMDb TV, which was on fire stick. Oh, but Laura is also online and done books and here is Laura on YouTube too. You know what, me think I’m a new fan of this young person and her food prep. So yup, something positive to enjoy in this downturned times. She’s tempted me to trying to make sauerkraut again, with all those lovely natural probiotics, immune system boosters…


Off this morning to FareShare and wondering what gleanings will be there to prevent going to landfill. Always wanting to not waste food. I really hate to waste food. However, I’m not always prepared to eat everything on my plate, especially if someone has stacked it for me. It is much better to put less on our plates and go back for more, than end up with unshareable scrapings, only fit for the council compost bin.

2 thoughts on “pMumkin

  1. I want to learn how to make ‘GOOD’ sauerkraut. The stuff in jars is missing something. I love it as I’m a German but I want real kraut. My butternut squash will be soup very soon.


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