Tea Fied

I’ve just commented on I’m Not Dead Yet! blog post with:

‘I have to say that my quiet voice is sometimes not so quiet, in fact very loud, with “ARE YOU QUITE FINISHED?!” and “ENOUGH ALREADY!” then “Shall we drink tea now and partake of a choccy biccy or three?”
Oh and taking your list into account, my inner quiet voice would reason with:
All relationships are not lost, they just evolved away from being in the same room. Hopes of relationships were fun while they lasted, but things move onto other things just as good or better. Friends are never lost, they are always just a thought away. Fur babies are a treasured memory, that if we hadn’t had them in our lives to remember, we would be robots I’m sure. Youth lost? Do us a favour, with all the mask wearing these days we’re all looking like spotty teenagers. Opportunities to go “right” when the best option for us was to go left and we took it, that isn’t a loss. You are what you’ve done with your life and you are what you have to show for it and you are amazing. The voices in this dark place are relentless and loud, because they’re there to amuse us like watching a dark movie. All that negative, critical, shaming, judgmental, catastrophizing, predicting a bleak future… it’s all like a movie, a version of reality to amuse and keep our brain entertained. People pay good money to watch drama and you get to think it for free and be the star of the show. Looking in the mirror from the Dark Place is painful and hilarious and optional. The names and judgments and self disgust can also be turned away from being overwhelming, when you release the words “So what!”. Just remember that all names, judgements and self disgusts are totally recycled in this world. Everyone at some point does a bit of it, especially when the brain gets tired and bored. I suggest “More tea?” not [Mortified]’

Perhaps my comment speaks to you too? “Coffee? Hot choccy? or more tea?” Enjoy the view?

Photo by Saif Selim on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Tea Fied

    1. Why? I’m not the same, as I’ve drank what I wanted, when I’ve wanted and it’s been lovely. I do hope that is the reason you’ve drunk herbal tea and water. Never ever wanted to look like George Clooney myself, I did however go through a phase of Marilyn Monroe.

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