Unset me

I think I’m normally a very set steady person. Only, I could say I’ve been upset about sommats (plural). One big sommat being because a physical thing wasn’t set right, so it sort of ended up making me very unset. Only, before that, let’s start with the smaller sommat. As prior to the first biggy sommat, a little one tried to set yesterday on a downer. The little sommat? I ate a plastic packet sarnie. The dressing had made the bread soggy and FFS it tasted fizzy. I didn’t realise it was gross at first, because I was in a hungry and in a hurry. I mean, before I realised anything, I’d actually ate half of the first triangle all without it hitting the sides. Man alive it was manky! So, what was the first biggy sommat though?

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

Without warning, while my back was turned, a heavy door fell off of it’s hinges onto my back, throwing me forward and frightening the beegeebus out of me! Yep, it just fell off the hinges and I wondered “What the hell?”, but thankfully though, the door frame stopped it from knocking me for six. It bloody frightened me and hurt thought! So at first the shock made me think that I might just be able to keep going (I was at work and there was loads of things to get done).

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Only the person I was working with suggested I sit down and I did. Sat down, my back became more aware of the ouch. Someone appeared and suggested I go have a cuppa in the staffroom, and I did that too. Thing is, as I walked off, it dawned on me how close the near miss of being knocked out was. So of course, as I went towards the staffroom, I felt a mental wobble coming on. I quietly cried in the lift, just a few snot bubbles into my mask. I walked into the staffroom and found it’s not easy to stay ok, when someone asks if you are (it sort of gives you the option to let go). So I wobbled properly and bubble boggy cries filled my face mask. It didn’t last long, I washed my face, filled out an incident form and decided to come home early. I felt like it might all be better by tomorrow.

It’s now tomorrow, and I’m fine. Came home, sorted myself out and basically I was built in an era of “Made to last” (sort of like an “Aunt Letty” from the story The Magician’s Nephew, Digory Kirke’s aunt Letitia Ketterley). Yes, it’s tomorrow now and seriously I am fine. Maybe a little sore, but nothing worth worrying about (unlike the other BIG BIG sommat of knowing my relatives have covid). So there’s that. Roll on today’s tomorrow, just like a sweet smelling deodorant to cover the stench of the sommats that started out yesterday to unhinge and unset me.

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