Cockle Cove

Actually, looks like a nice day. Okay, I’m not sure it is the name (unless it is), as today I’m going to what I call “Cockle Cove”. Gonna pick up a few bags of cockle shells for the paths in the garden. It makes the walk make a pleasant crunch sound, plus not so slippy when it’s been raining hard. As for taking shells, the law in the UK is that you are allowed to pick up shells, seaweed and wood from the beach, but not the sand or pebbles (the more permanent features). As for what comes under maritime law, some things washed up are the property of the original owner and this is called “flotsam” (as in float). However, without an owner “jetsam” (purposefully jettisoned) is the property of whoever discovers it. If the jetsam is valuable, then “kaching“. Natural items from the sea that isn’t under a conservation umbrella, well that is also up for grabs too e.g. whale vomit “KACHING!” However, we all need to bring a bag to put plastic waste into when going to the beach these days. Yer know why right? Well, if yer don’t: Basically, plastic going in and out and back into the water. is destroying the natural life of the oceans. So, yes of course I’m taking rubber gloves and a bag to put some rubbish into. Some will go to the recycling. After Cockle Cove, maybe a bag of chips for lunch or come home and make my own.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Addendum: The strong bags were full of shells and I filled a whole bag of plastic from the beach. On the way home I enjoyed a really tasty vegan burger, with a salad and chips, with a black tea all care of The Hot Rod Diner, Alltycnap Road, Carmarthen. Today has been yet another day full of awesome moments.

3 thoughts on “Cockle Cove

  1. Sounds delightful! “Kaching” is used in Singapore as “money landing on you”…you have just explained its origin to me haha. You are from UK and we were once a British Crown Colony till our independence in 1965.


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