Love you

Oh man alive! I did it again! So, what have I just done?

Starts out, that I went through all the details of my car insurance with the person on the phone. I needed to make it all correct and up to date. I even got a really good discount and so it’s all set to go and the paperwork will arrive in the post. The person at the other end says something to the effect that it’s all good to go and thanks me, but as I am about to put the phone down I automatically says “Love you“. {{{giggle}}} What am I like? I am such a ninny, that’s what. Still, it’s not such a bad thing, after all I had just got loads of money off of the deal. Still {{{giggle}}} I bet I’m not the only one who forgets it’s not a family member they’ve been talking to and bless ‘im, I hope it made him smile too.

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