Wee scarf

Thanks to Colin, this morning I’m transported to a time way back when. I’ve recalled the image in my mind of the chocolate vend of packets of yum. Pennies paid, turn the metal and “Woohoo!” I can recall that back then, yes, you could go to the train station and buy a ticket to be on the platform. Family meeting others from the train, would have to buy a platform ticket or have to stay outside to wait (looking well dodgy).

Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Pexels.com

Anyways, the main story Colin brought to mind, was one I recall about a little boy. So, let’s see, can I recall it well enough to do it justice? I will try and with expression. Here’s the thing:

JJ was given some pennies and permission to go get some chocolate from the vend. Sorry, I’ve started {{{giggling}}}. Shortly after, JJ stood there opposite on t’other platform to his mother. There was this thought “What is that thing?” Anyways, he was beaming so proud of his purchase of something new. He had put one pointy finger in one of the two elasticated loops of the short soft “That thing” made of fabric and had wrapped it warmly around the back of his neck, with his t’other pointy finger in the loop of t’other end. He pulled the whole thing out straight and then in around his neck again. Out, in again, out and in again and again. At some point putting it well above and over his head for a better looksee. He was doing all he could to get his mother’s attention and shouting so happy across to his mother “A WEE SCARRF MAMMY, A WEE SCARRF!” ~ “A WEE SCARRF MAMMY, A WEE SCARRF LOOK!” ~ “WEE SCARRF!” … He did this loads a times and the inner giggling of the other passengers was palpable. His mother went red as a beetroot, as she tried to acknowledge him (for him) and not so much (for her embarrassment), all at the same time as trying to wait patiently for the train. I’m {{{giggling}}} again. Oh boy, bless ‘im, he had done just what his mother had said, so no rebuttals and after all, the WEE SCARFF had been procured from a vending machine. Now I’m fancying a huge juicy ball of bubblegum (which reminds me of a hilarious story about bubblegum and two randy dogs).

Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

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