Going postal

Only recently I learnt of the american expression of: going postal. I looked it up and found there’s this Terry Pratchett TV story of the same name. Surely though, everyone understands work related rage, right? Most will have at some point had to hold back something, right?

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Tell you what though, I’d be bloody livid if I was a postal worker being falsely accused, as those here in the UK were. I can only guess at how devastated those post office workers must have been. All those years! As some even went to prison, FFS some have since died! Finally the truth came out: The IT system was at fault. Only in the meantime they lost “innocent” years off of their lives. No money can compensate for that, but I hope they try.

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Currently the UK weather seems to be going postal! I’m safe indoors thankfully, but can hear it getting really bloody angry out there. The wind has started to blow a hooley at this house and home well an’ truly. There’s such a furious, ear pressured thuddy sound coming down the chimney! Every now and then I can also hear irate gusts at something outside, then that something randomly slapping itself. I just hope it doesn’t open a window, I don’t want furious Eunice in ‘ere!

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Wisely, all the trains here in Wales have been cancelled and we’ve been told to stay indoors. If you know me well enough, you know they had no need to tell me twice! I mean yesterday I had an inkling, that someone at work was hinting and attempting to entice me to do an extra shift today. I didn’t say it, but could anyone hear my mind say “Not on your Nelly mate!” I’d foreknown about the amber weather warning and Storm Eunice. Basically, I’m gonna stay put and probably light the little open fire in the parlour.

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Not that far away there’s a red warning issued by the Met Office. My father was an officer in the navy and would say “Batten down the hatches!”, so several new bits of wood have been secured to prevent the loss of a lean-to roof. This house is on the side of a hill, with open fields around the garden and so needs all the help it can get. Question though: Surely the postie won’t be expected to deliver letters today, right?