Play nice

Mother would remind me of the sayingIf you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Innit just the truth, that sometimes we just can’t say anything nice. Perhaps tired and we aren’t up to much (I know that feeling). Sometimes there’s something or someone that triggers us. Then it’s very, very wise to keep our heads down and jog on. This, lest we forget ourselves and speak our minds out loud, thus sounding rude and being hurtful. Online it is so much easier to type all sorts of things, be they uplifting or critical. Some words will surely make us come across as scornful and unkind. Maybe it’s better we not type everything we think.

So, instead of figuratively speaking putting my foot in it, being unsympathetic and typing direct reproach towards another, here’s a picture taken during a summer day of me literally (foot into the photo).

Foot in it – Over Soil

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