Firstly, I want to establish my view, that there is a clear distinction between playing the fool for the {{{giggles}}} and being a fool. I am quite proud to know that I am a descendent of one who played the fool so as not be one. I can easily see the difference and I hope that you can too.

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I can easily see, that if I have an argument with a genuine fool, they’ve already won. Seriously, discernment is a vital thing to learn of who is acting and who is actually foolish, fool hardy, a fool. Learning how to safely deal with fools is a must. So, if I guess rightly that someone is a fool and attempting to bring me down, I tend to walk away gently, calmly and yet still keep my eye fixed on them and what they might do. For you really do have to keep an eye on the unreasonable fools of this world, just so as you walk away they don’t stab you in the back! I suggest to pass on this wise African proverb and keep it close to your heart: “If you and a fool have an argument, he succeeds”.

Currently the lyrics to Stuck In The Middle With You seem to be the dish of the day, and you know what, sometimes it’s actually wise to play the fool to fool a fool and thus stay safe.

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