No Dig

For all the gardeners that thought this was going to be my normal thing about no dig gardening, adding compost to the surface, saving time and all that effort “I’m sorry”. For this post is about protecting the biosphere of the planet, preserving the soil from contamination of war, saving humanity, sparing individuals from shortening their lives and it stems from a Confucius quote. For it surely follows that if “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”, we are better off encouraging the practice of winding our necks in, to not start a fight, telling the bloody dogs of war “Va coucher” to send them home, thus ultimately a:


Photo by Laura Stanley on

Note: The expression “Va coucher” I encountered in France and means “Go sleep”, to be used to ward off stray barking dogs and is said in an air of gentle authority to safely walk past.

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