Yes, there is a lot of shitty things to process mentally, going on in the world of bloody humans right now, but if you’re reading this, pause a while. Do one of those deep peaceful breathing things, you know the type, that slow deep in . . . out . . . in . . . out… thing. Let it be all mindful, you know, full of peaceful no thinking of much at all stuff. If you have to include thoughts, have some like being a tree waving in a gentle breeze, with a lovely warm sunlight bathing the leaves, as they process a peaceful life on Earth into existence, with the roots talking to the other trees via mycorrhizal fungi, as the deep brown soil brings the minerals needed, all those little particles of rocks that the planet was originally made of, the raw materials bringing forth existence, as the branches are held tight to by pretty birds that chirp the one’s that go about their business of build their nests and bring forth the seasons, peaceful seasons, as life intended and we are part of that. Take a pause from the shit and blood, to take this little journey away, to breathe peacefully a while and be kindness to this part of the universe that is you.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

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