Not a very popular thing to mention these days, but yesterday the 7th June 2022, here in the UK, one hundred and thirty two people died in that one day from covid. So, that’s more than the average double deck bus would carry! It’s become common place as if it isn’t still happening, but it is.

Photo by Caio on Pexels.com

They’ve all gone, all in just one day yet again the count goes up and now I dunno what that number is. Well, it proves it’s NOT gone away this covid pandemic. Geeez, I just read that yesterday’s count of those hospitalised with the virus, was actually four thousand, nine hundred and seventy two. FFS, that’s close to the audience number of the Royal Albert Hall when full! Thing is, it’s not just the people in the hospital beds suffering, but the families worried sick, and the nurses, carers and ward staff that all have to wear full PPE. I know how shit that is. Trust me, you don’t want to be in that hot and clammy clobber, let alone have to work in it. I know how it is, with my face all hot and steamed up like being fully dressed in a sauna. Clammy arms, clothes sticking to skin like wearing a dustbin bag sellotaped at the sleeves, with hands dripping wet when taking off the gloves. Tell you what though, it’s bloody lovely leaving the building and taking off the face mask, to smell the fresh cool air, it’s like the smell of fresh snow to the lungs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

and so very refreshing to the soul knowing I’m one of the lucky ones to go home (even if getting in the car can be like entering an oven).

It might not be popular now to say it, but I will just the same “Stay safe” and please do what you can e.g., still use hand gel…, but please don’t drink it!

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