Well, if there’s a chance to change to not using oil, gas, petrol… or limit yourself to the use, then please ready yourself and start to do that. Have you sorted out alternatives? Can you use alternatives? Can you share what you do have? As the saying goes about being “Held over a barrel!”, some of us think (alright me, I think it) that this isn’t just threats via another country supplying us with fuel, but this is the BIG opportunity to start doing all those positive environmentally sound things we can do:

  • Solar, wind and wave energy supplier
  • Push bike to the shop
  • Make use of the garden to grow food
  • Walk to work (can’t see me doing that, the miles are in double figures)
  • Dry clothes on the washing line
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

Well, you get the picture, you can be amazing.

Do happy

2 thoughts on “Ready

  1. Can’t see myself on a bike.
    Don’t work.
    Have started growing vegetables.
    Have no choice about number one.
    We are ultra careful with our water usage.
    Always use the wash line.


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