Real freedom

I can see, feel and know in my core that freedom has to start from within, in how we I deal with our my thoughts. When horrible thoughts creep in or come in like a storm, I’m better off dealing with them in kindness, not to ignore them, but to deal with them and see if there’s a better way of seeing, feeling and knowing what the heck it’s all about.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on

It’s also up to you how you deal with horrible thoughts, but I have a suggestion: that you question their authenticity to your reality, what is around you that you can gather to yourself to create peace within. Something, anything, gather that and hold on to that, because of course life can be rocky, problematic, stressful, but you have the authority over your thoughts. And yes, sometimes it’s right to go sideways first to able to go forward and blossom.

Photo by KIM JINHONG on

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