So, another blogger once-upon-a-time, wrote about a timetable in a post:

0-20 years – grow up
21-40 years – teach my children to grow up
41-60 years – teach my grandchildren to grow up
60+ years – grow up

As I prefer:

0-20 years – be free in joy and learn how to be kind
21-40 years – grow with others in peaceful harmony
41-60 years – grow some contentment and share
60+ years – grow more self kindness

And all I can say to the words “Grow up!” is an unsubtle silent glance, as I turn on my heels, to walk away intact without uttering one of the many expletives that come to mind. I don’t suppose my insides will ever really fit into the world’s view of those that have grown up, because I know I’m all the ages I’ve been rolled into one. These including the so called “Adult” status, the once small vulnerable child and the big kid I’ve grown fond of. Only who is kidding who, as not one of us can ever really drop the child within, surely not!

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One thought on “Grow

  1. I have never been fond of the phrase, “grow up”. It starts way too soon in life. I’m in my mid 70’s and having my first childhood. I look for the joy and wonder in everything. So much was missed when I was a beginning person. Thanks for posting this to remind me. I can be a responsible, kind adult while still holding on to the playful part of myself.


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