Some A4 pages of information about monkeypox, just sat there on the hand over table. I’m thinking, fine, perhaps a bit interesting. maybe. However, that’s the first thing I was greeted with when I got to work, then the news that staff are off with confirmed cases of it. So now what? Well, get on with the shift until it is over.

I get home and cancelling seeing family, friends. I might need to become someone with a spell of OCD cleaning. It’s not good, but I guess after a sleep I will not feel so upset, so down in the mouth and be able to get on with the job in hand.

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It could be worse, I could be the staff with it! I feel for them, especially looking at the list of symptoms.


5 thoughts on “UPSET

    1. Thank you. I will be me in each situation and I am safe and healthy per se (even though the world says it isn’t so safe, says that I am not safe, that healthy is an ideal set outside of obtainability). Healthy thoughts, safe thoughts are mine to do my life with joy and peace, taking all the precautions available to me that I agree with. May you also be safe and healthy.

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