Dance eco

I’ve been invited to a dancers festival, but that there’s things to consider. Firstly, that it’s a bit of a jaunt away in the car and would mean an overnight stop. Only there’s a package of attending, that I’m not keen on being the fussy veggie during meals and sharing accommodation. Not sure I want to do the dance workshops either, but love the idea of seeing international headliners and take part in the hafla. Still, I’m thinking about it.

On the subject, I wonder why it is, that many belly dancers I know seem to live a double life. Several are like myself, in that they wear clothes as dull as ditch water when not dancing and are active environmentalists. That they’re on one hand being willing to get dirty and roll their sleeves up, but in dance they are the epitome of ephemeral rainbows of sparkle. Yes, I’m thinking about going.

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5 thoughts on “Dance eco

    1. The last one I went to, that right near the beginning I ended up being some sort of therapist to someone. She was having a melt down due to not keeping up and got overly upset. That’s probably clouded my judgement over these events. I’m the type that if I don’t keep up, I get to giggle and lark about. Life isn’t perfect, dance to me is a representation of that.


      1. I’ve booked to go to a totally different place, improve our Baladi and drum solo moves, plus a hafla. Hotel now booked that does a choice of several vegan things. I’m well chuffed and a treat for us both. See why here:


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