Look I seriously do take all the precautions I can, yet FFS I caught covid and had a positive test that was clear as a bell. A couple of days later I started to feel a bit better. The worst of it was: At one point my head and eyes were like they were on fire! My mind fuggy (well more than usual). I had horrible aches all over, with sporadic second long pin like pains here and there, there and here!! Ibuprofen took the edge off and brought my temp down each time. Firstly, I could taste the coffee, but not smell (blocked nose) and that’s probably a good thing as I was well clammy, probably stinky after having such a high temperature (TMI?) At some point it reached 39.4 Celsius. I coughed, but not as much as I expected, but still my throat got sore and there were some chest pains on occasion. Having a bath on the second day was comforting. When my nose was blocked, I tried to blow, but at one point my ear felt like a red-hot poker had been jammed right in there!!! So, as my nose dripped and was getting sore from all the rubbing, I decided to unglamorously poked little bits of tissue there (TMI yet?) I’ve been through loads of bog roll and a kitchen roll. I hardly slept the first night, but at one point I had a nice nap, but it went past the ibuprofen taking time. Talk about hot stuff as my temp rose so flippin’ high! I found that applying a bag of frozen peas wrapped in paper towel to my head helped the pains in the head and burning in the eyes. I even lay my head on it at one point until they went squishy. Alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen every 6 hours or if in pain only 4 hours. Oh, here’s a nasty little addition to it all: My tastebuds went bonkers and made toast smelt like bleach, Marmite like metal, my lovely Suma apple and pear spread like vinegar. There was a little bit of nausea, but no full-blown growling at gozunder or parking a tiger in the bathroom.

I’ve since been wiping all the knobs (door) and light switches with disinfectant stuff. How thankful am I for the jabbies? I’m so very, VERY thankful I’d had all the jabbies. For many didn’t get the chance and didn’t make it through, some in other parts of the world are still dying. So, if you haven’t already had them little jabbies, FFS please do, keep taking precautions, stock up on a bag of frozen peas, pain relief… I wouldn’t wish covid on anyone.

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Addendum: How it feels after the worst has passed. This thing

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    1. Plenty of time under soil for all of us. Each moment to glean the best of each situation. It was hard to rest, because I kept thinking of all the things I could be doing. Still, I rested.


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