4 Good

Surely we all know those pesky unhelpful distresses, that come to us about how life will all pan out. I believe they’re actually none of our business. Remind yourself that we’ve got other things to think about in the living moments. So, come on, cherish the sweet, juicy, good thoughts and help them to stay. Maybe the freedom and creativity of thought will flourish from within and right on out into the physical world, perhaps not and are just for yourself. You might see a pretty cloud and no one else will see it, it is just for you. So, come on you guys, do NOT be fooled into staying all stressed out and ruled by the same ol’, same old upsetting shite! Don’t get sick with fear or negative perceptions of the world. Behave in a way that is conducive towards what you hope for, what is good and wholesome. Be one of the ones who thinks lovingly, especially when the crowd is acting completely differently to the odd one out. Make life good for you and others in kindness.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Translations from the umbrella:

Angst macht krank = Fear makes you sick.

Handeln statt hoffen = Act instead of hope.

Wer, wenn nicht wir = Who if not we.

Freiheit ist immer die freiheit der andersdenkenden = Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently.

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