Look after

So, after I’ve stirred up the shit of the hen house and run, I intend to let the thoughts of all that palava go and concentrate on some serious self-care. A bubble bath of course using a bath bomb, then nice clean clothes and there really has to be cake for the win. Taking a break from it at the moment, I’m rehydrating for the next bash at it, as the hennies need their place sorting. Poor little old hennies do have to be prepared for the coming months and they really won’t can’t do it themselves.

Photo by Dave Karani on Pexels.com

Unlike the little hennies (who have to live in the safe sanctuary of an enclosure) we are free. Not so much from the outside in me thinks, but moreover the freedom that comes from the inside out. Conclusions are easy reached about others, but try not to. We have a duty of care to others, but also self-care to ourselves and especially to keep a bloody good eye on our thinking. It’s wise to question any shit that stirs up from the depths lest it gets into our eyes and what we see/perceive. It is essential for health, to check what we are thinking and to work out if the thought that pops up is worth keeping hold of in kindness. If so keep it, if not get something more worthy to think about. Otherwise you’ll go bonkers letting the thought run around your head like a hen with a big worm, the ego not wanting to let it go or let another snatch it. For trust me, there’s plenty more juicy things to think about and do and see and experience in the freedom of kind thoughts.

Photo by Ralph on Pexels.com

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