Said and done

When all is said and done, I still think it’s best to keep reminding ourselves that we are the lucky ones. I mean FFS you are able to read this right? Only, when the time comes for me to pop uz clogs, I’ve put it all down and let my family know about my wishes and you can click on that here:

Grave Concerns

Photo by artam hoomat on

FYI there is nothing to concern yourself about, for at the moment I’m healthy enough. This is just here to help if it all goes tits up. Better to be prepared than not for when I sail away on my adventure of the unchartered waters. In any case, it’s all part of the journey of life, it’s just the end part and being ready just in case it is sooner than later. I wish to opt for later by the way, but who really knows when their time is up?

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