Let’s get it straight, being a curmudgeon might at times be an easy way out of having to be nice all the long day. People don’t like a curmudgeon and stay away, which at times could be convenient if someone wants a bit of space. You know love also means giving someone some space.

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Maybe I could be a little bit curmudgeonable, you know, using that as an easy way out, using moral particularism where any which way is probably the right way (frought with danger of getting it wrong though). Curmudgeons aren’t nasty persons per se, they just don’t wish to be so accommodating and probably don’t mind other people knowing it. Grumpy and sighful, the tired curmudgeon can still act in kindness, just doesn’t want it all to be acknowledged, and just left to be as-is. A curmudgeon can still be loved and love, they’re just having to live with others and themselves and sometimes that’s no easy task either. Thing is, themselves might be so very tired, they could be hurting or just hungry or have made stupid mistakes and thus having to live with all that and the prolonged thoughts that go with it. Stay nice towards a curmudgeon or at least stay away if you can’t be nice, for you never know, it could be catching!

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3 thoughts on “Curmudgeonable

    1. It’s a real person thing to have a bit of curmudgeonability. To mix it all in with the happy and jolly. For surely, there needs to be a bit o’ grumpy too. Otherwise, isn’t it all fake smiles and botox?

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