Celery hugs

I’d forgotten about celery for a while, because in the past I think I might have had a limp stick or maybe it was stringy in a soup. I can’t remember what put me off. Only there was a really tasty plant of it in the box of veg and I loved it. For now I reckon, that there’s something rather moreish about dipping really fresh, crisp celery sticks into salad cream and munching on them. It’s said that you burn more calories eating celery, than there is in it. Not that I’m on a diet or anything, it’s just a thing, a bit of random positive knowledge that might or might not be true, but has stuck there in my noggin for the ride.

Talking of positive stuff, today’s shift at work wasn’t so bad as I imagined it could have been. I worried on the way there, I worried a bit on the start, but then I just got into the tasks and thankfully there was no drama. In fact there was plenty of smiles, a few hugs, someone shared chocolate and all that lovely stuff seems to have brought me back to my bouncy self. Yup, celery and salad cream, chocolate and hugs, these things have done the trick me thinks. I’m alright.

Photo by Nu00e9stor Santos on Pexels.com

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