So, here’s my view of those that execute others: You’d be murdering in cold blood!!! That just about covers it. Still, I guess there will be heated discussions and judgement of my view by some. So, seen as this blog post is on my site, it is my views that get an air on here, but if you want to blog post your views, just do that on your own blog. If you want to comment, nope, this post will NOT allow comments that lead to arguments. I’m going to add, that it sounds completely insane and disgusting, to ask someone to murder someone, because the person being murdered, murdered someone else (unless they didn’t and then that’s another bloody thing to add to the list of why it’s wrong). Is it my business what happens to someone convicted? Isn’t it everyone’s business? Only what can we do? Thing is, as I’d like all murders to stop, including the murders of animals, on that subject I can help a tiny bit, by not buying their body parts to eat. Anyways, that’s another subject or is it? Humans are animals. Anyways, how many times can you write in the sand and see the idea of compassion being swept away?

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