Comforting thoughts

The mind might be attempting to work out a worry and if it’s having a bit of trouble shaking off a stressful thought, well I recommend finding anything soothing within the moment to distract it with e.g., the settee I’m sitting on is quite comfortable, the room is at a reasonable temperature, my SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED mug is half full (not half empty) and the poorly old cat is sleeping peacefully. Thing is, my mind is determined to think the worse of why my online payslip hasn’t arrived yet, that my car tax will be taken out of the bank and this and that and t’other thoughts. All of which can go take a running jump, because nothing matters half as much as being in the moment and seeing the cat peacefully sleeping… As the time ticks on, I think how I’ve got work in the morning on an extra shift I’ve took on. The money is in, going in or not in and not going in. Thinking on all that I guess can wait to be thought about later. I’m going to beddy bye byes, as that seems like a better option in this moment, than worrying that the bank will do a piggy at me.

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Na night.


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