Mr Spite

Spite involves hurting others, while incurring harm to oneself. This person I’m calling Mr Spite, is carrying on a dreadful tirade of spite against his neighbour. To begin with who knows the reason, but it seemed it was greed. To keep going has been to save face. It has left less and less credibility, although some might still be under his charm and think he is justified. Hopefully they will wake up and see how insane it has become. For too long he has been allowed to keep his control over so others, using them to do his spiteful bidding. Being true to his name I’ve given him, Mr Spite hurts many, many others, while incurring harm to himself in the way of credibility and the harm to “his” people, sacrificed and for what? If he doesn’t stop, who can stop such a man? I don’t wish death on others, as this man does, but of course I can understand the need to stop the murder of others and the destruction of the habitability of this beautiful planet. I know me, I know I would defend myself and others, if an animal (be it a human one) was about to harm or kill. I can even understand the bible story of Jael, be is so horribly bloody. There are many justified other names being given to this callous man, but to me Mr Spite seems to fit the bill. I woke this morning again, with the dread of what might be on the news. Grateful for my sleep, grateful that this day that has the possibility to bring hope for peace. I intend to live as long as possible in peace, I wish this on all others, including Mr Spiteful if he is willing. Peace be our aim, kindness to others, creativity and love, keeping safe the habitability of the Earth.

Peace – Over Soil

4 thoughts on “Mr Spite

      1. Stories will be told of how all this shite pans out. In the meantime, we just have to be the sane ones (if a little bit funny bonkers), the calm, peaceful and kind ones.

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