Well, all things seem to be levelled out for now and that’s something to be grateful for.  Lines have been drawn under items of personal stress and are no more.  Yes of course there’s still the world’s big stuff and that’s still going on, but all that is way out of my control.  So, I’m grateful for the things in my life that shine through these clouded times.  I’m grateful for: the people who are lovely in my life, for the laughs and shared tears.  I’m grateful for clothes that fit me, the food in my belly (vegan sausage roll dipped in sauce tonight) and a bed to sleep in when I’m tired (which is now).  I’m also grateful for a not too shabby body, that is well enough to heal when I slip over on all those bloody acorns on the path and graze some of my extremities.  I am grateful.  Thing is, being grateful is a wonderful warm feeling that keeps out the mental cold of it all.  It puts my mind in the calm steady state to cope with each stumbling block, brick wall, shitty person or problem that needs solving or facing, and I highly recommend it if you don’t want to go completely bonkers and take everyone with you.  See all the lovely things in your life and in your head hear yourself say “I am grateful” and let a bit of calm and steady in.

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