Deep clean

So, I’m part way through a getting it sorted, deep clean of my kitchen and:

  1. Do I have a check list? Nope.
  2. Do my hands feel dry from all the cleaning? Yup! Nothing new there.
  3. Does it have to be done all in one go? No, it’s home, where things happen at a peaceful home speed.
  4. Is it time for a home-made chocolate brownie ‘n’ coffee break? You bet!
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6 thoughts on “Deep clean

    1. This last batch of brownies, well man they’ve been so silky smooth, choccy 🍫 yum. Too nice to drop a crumb! Must ‘ave been the kids, for the pieces I ate were not allowed to stray from my big mouth, as I wanted to eat ’em all. Think I will be baking them again, they went down a treat.

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