Today in the National Botanical Garden of Wales, there’s an Apple Day called FestAfal. I’m a bit too tired today to go out, after a very wearing time in hospital waiting rooms for hours and hours and hours, as a support. All is well though, so there’s that. Only, so as not to miss out though, and to stay within the fruity theme of the day, my “Apple Day” is going to be bananas instead. If you go to the Botanical Garden’s apple event, there’s some bananas growing in the tropical house there, so there’s that. The bananas are diddy ickle ones, they’re green, not ripe any time soon, but bananas just the same.

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Mother used to do this Spanish banana dish in the summer,. It’s not for diabetics or those on a low cal’ diet for sure. As a child I was safe, the amount of energy I used up back then was off the scale. Quite a lively kid mostly, let to go play for miles and not seen until t’end o’ day all mucky and tired. When Mother cooked the bananas, the smell and the sound was so enticing. The vanilla syrup made hot bubbling “ssSSssSS” sound like you get when making jam, then she’d slather the hot stuff all over cold ice cream It was delish and so sweet it could set anyone’s teeth on edge, just right for kids. So, shall I recall the recipe?

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Here ‘tiz: With a little splash of water, some sugar, a few drops of vanilla essence and a blob of butter (I recommend Naturli’ Organic Vegan Block) make a bit of thin syrup. For special occasions or just because I can, I sometimes sprinkle in a few glacé cherries cut in half. Add bananas and when they’re cooked, slather all over ice cream (I recommend Swedish Glacé Smooth Vanilla ice cream, as it’s dairy-free and totally yummy).

2 thoughts on “Bananas

    1. I was The most picky kid. Daddy was on my side, letting me hide food I didn’t like in the coal bucket and putting it on the fire when Mother wasn’t looking.


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